I Wish I Knew About This BAIT COLOR PATTERN Earlier!


I wish I knew about this bait color pattern earlier! I would have put it in my tackle box a lot sooner! It’s the Creole Croaker pattern by Z-Man and as you’ll see it puts fish in the boat.

Welcome to another kayak fishing addict adventure! Today I’m launching at Princess Place Preserve in Palm Coast, Florida. It’s a beautiful wooded preserve that’s somewhat off the beaten path just south of the Matanzas Inlet so the water is usually clean and clear; perfect conditions for saltwater fish.

I’m fishing a new to me Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ color pattern called Creole Croaker. It should go great with the greenish water color and especially along the grass line! Stay tuned and let’s go see what we can catch!

The Backstory

This video took some time to get out the door! Between the cold weather and the story cramp .... similar to writers cramp I guess... I just couldn't get the footage to look right and feel right to me. I'm happy I didn't give up on it and I'm happy to report that I've got another great video coming out very soon too!

So we had a beautiful fall day of warmer weather so I loaded up the truck and headed out to Princess Place Preserve. As you can tell in the video, the flounder were out! And so were the speckled trout. All in all, it's great to live in a part of Florida that allows you to still kayak fish in the cooler October and November months!

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Tight lines everyone! Enjoy the video! And by all means, "Fish On!"

~Kayak Fishing Addict

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November 19, 2021






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