The Saint Augustine Florida Grass Flats in February!


The weatherman had nothing good to report about what was going on in the rest of the country. Friends in Ohio, New York, and even Houston, TX were in freezing conditions with snow on the ground. Yep, you read that right, there was snow in Texas!

So I felt a little guilty as I loaded the kayak on the truck while wearing shorts! As I began the drive to my next fishing adventure in Saint Augustine, Florida with the window down, the guilt started to fade. Moments later it was all gone and the smile was on. Don't get me wrong, it was a windy day, and by that, I mean it was WINDY! But I wouldn't trade this weather for the world!

78 ℉ in February!

Pulling out at the end of a great day!

Despite the wind, it was an enjoyable day and I could tell early on that I'll definitely return to this area to kayak fish again! It was truly beautiful. In fact, it was a sight to behold as SR-206 opened up to reveal the marsh as I drove across the quaint little drawbridge that marks this area. A short drive away was the Green Road Public Boat Ramp and shortly thereafter, my journey truly began.

Filming & Color Grade

For you techies out there, I decided to film this episode in the flat color profile on my GoPro Hero8's and color correct and grade it myself. I tried that originally quite a long time ago and it did not yield good results. That was definitely due to my lack of skill. I've recently decided to try it again and this is my first attempt. I hope there's a visual improvement. I'll keep trying to improve the quality! My goal is to eventually be able to get to "television show quality." There's nothing like a stretch goal to keep you motivated! So what do you think?

Enjoy the video!

Hobie Eyewear - El Matador

Hobie Eyewear - El Matador

As you know from the video, this year I'm going to essentially wear a different pair of Hobie Eyewear Fishing Sunglasses in each video. Honestly, I'll probably repeat a few from time to time.

In this video I'm wearing the Hobie El Matador model and I've got to tell you.... Hobie is the exclusive provider of my eyewear this year ... these sunglasses are no joke. They're very comfortable, and very high quality! I recommend them.

If you're interested, you can save 20% by clicking here and using code KFAHOBIE21 at checkout!

Tight lines everyone! Enjoy the video! And by all means, "Fish On!"

~Kayak Fishing Addict

blue fish
February 22, 2021






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