A Cinematic Story Telling Approach


Behind The Scenes Perspective

This video is currently one of my favorites.  When I was shooting it, I was attempting to go after a more cinematic approach with a story telling slant.  I don't see too many of us fishing YouTuber's going after that type of look.  I'd like to do this more often!

One of Life's Lessons in Fishing

The fishing on that day was absolutely horrible.  I found myself casting, and casting, and casting but not even getting a bite.  So while I was out on the kayak, I asked myself the question, "what should you do when the fish aren't biting?"

That's when the idea for the video hit me.  Essentially, fishing is a lot like life.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.  Never give up if you want to reach your goal!  And there are far more life lessons packed within cliche's that fit.

That's one reason I love to kayak fish.  When you're out on the water, and it's you and nature, you've got plenty of time to mediate.

Remember that the next time you're floating and nothing is biting.  But don't snooze, because you never know when you might feel that tug!  

Then it's fish on! Fish on!

Video Teaser

What do you do when the fish do not bite? I think we all hate having to even acknowledge that fish don’t bite at times when you’re saltwater flats fishing. But have you ever wondered what you should do when fish don’t bite? This video illustrates the two things that help me when fish aren’t biting. When I apply them, I tend to land fish!

Now, waking up early in the morning isn’t typically my cup of tea. But when top water is the plan, that changes things. There’s just something about seeing your top water plug get smashed and sucked under the water that makes it all worth it, even if the fish do not bite it! And the views of the flats in Ormond Beach, Florida are stunning, the water is glass like, and the marsh is peaceful. Today was one of those days! Let’s go see what we can catch!

Tight lines everybody!

~Kayak Fishing Addict

July 29, 2020






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